Only organic products

Our company has been engaged in the cultivation of organic agricultural products for more than 10 years

Organic farming is a plant cultivation system that uses environmentally sound soil fertility and prohibits the use of agricultural chemicals (pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, hormonal drugs, etc.), genetic engineering. Interagrocom relies on the best world experience and openness of domestic and foreign producers of organic products.

We share the philosophy of organic production, which is based on a unified system of standards, market identity and purity of organic production and trade

We passed the certification of ecological compatibility of our products Organic Standard, which was introduced in Ukraine in the framework of the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Organic Certification and Development of the Organic Market in Ukraine” in 2007.

You can read about the certification by reference

«Interagrocom» team is a qualified expert and leader in the world of natural, fresh and healthy food.

Our goal is to sell clean organic products that are healthy.

We carefully scrutinize and evaluate every product we sell in terms of ingredients, freshness, nutritional value, taste and safety.

We are constantly looking for new organic products and are pleased to share our discoveries with our partners.